What We Ate Today #10

A VERY simple and easy fat loss recipe

Grocery Shopping and The Sunday Ritual

The key difference maker in whether or not someone likes how they look in the nude is nutrition.
More specifically, to really nail the nutritional component, it takes proper meal planning and preparation each and every week… NO EXCEPTIONS!
Look, I know you’re busy… we all are!
So I thought I’d share our weekly grocery list and Sunday ritual to help you jump-start your success for this upcoming week.
But before I do, let me first make a quick confession…
For years we have wasted tons of money on eating out because we were too lazy to plan and prepare most of our meals for the week.
We still eat in a compliant manner at restaurants via the protein, produce, and water protocol, but the mark-up on food at restaurants is insane and it really adds up over the course of a week,··· Read the rest

My Top 7 Tasty and Healthy Milwaukee Restaurant Meals


With Labor Day Weekend fast approaching, I thought I’d share My Top 7 Milwaukee Restaurant Meals!!
It should make it a breeze for you to eat out without expanding your waistline, enjoy
Crank it!
1.) Apollo Cafe on Brady Street

I love to get the Athenian chicken with salad and the Mediterranean chicken salad. The chicken is soaked in greek yogurt for a really tender taste. This is definitely one of my go to meals on a run and it’s also nice to be able to eat outside with our dogs on a Brady Street when it’s a nice, sunny day.
2.) Jimmy Johns

Bread is basically a meat holder for a sandwich and we could all go without the extra starch for a leaner midsection. I like unwiches  (lettuce wrap sandwiches) and I usually get  Turkey Tom Unwich with an extra load of meat, avocado,··· Read the rest

What We Ate Today #9


Milwaukee’s Best Fitness Bootcamp, Mission: Metabolism Bootcamp, shows you a simple and delicious fat loss recipe.

Sugar by Another Name

In general, if you want to be lean and healthy you need to avoid all foods with ADDED SUGAR in them.
Added sugar spikes insulin which both blunts fat-burning and leads to unwanted fat-storage.
Most foods (even some protein and veggie sources) have some natural sugars in them as demonstrated in the nutrition facts.
However, the way to determine if sugar has been added to any food item is by reading the “ingredients list” below the nutrition facts.
In addition, the ingredients are listed in order of greatest to least concentration, so you really want to avoid foods that have “sugar” listen within the first 3 ingredients.
When reading food labels, it’s easy to be misled about whether or not a particular food item has sugar in it, especially since food manufacturers have cleverly created many different forms of sugar by another name.

Please reference the list below to prevent··· Read the rest

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Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe 500

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What We Ate Today #4

MMM, yogurt

A quick treat from the Co-Owner of Mission: Metabolism Bootcamp, Naomi Nazario.