What We Ate Today #7

Milwaukee Bootcamp Co-Owner shares an egg-bake recipe for a quick, healthy and delicious fat-loss meal.

Gary Talley


Gary Talley- 49 Years Old… With A Body A 20-Year Old Would DIE For!
I just wanted to thank BJ and Topher for creating Workout Muse. In early May I
entered into a 12-week body transformation contest and in those 12 weeks my
waist went from 32.5 inches to almost 30 inches and my chest blew up from 42
inches to 45 inches!
I used the short, intense WM interval workouts and the soundtracks really helped me stay focused because I just pushed play on my mp3 player and let WM keep the time for me and the upbeat music is great. All I had to do was focus on my workout without the annoying distraction of being prisoner to my stopwatch!
At 49 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life. With WM I’ve cut my
workout time in half while doubling my results! All my workouts were··· Read the rest

Heidi Fritz


In Jan, 2009, I weighed about 145. Right now I weigh 138.

Dr. Kayt Havens


I am 55 years old, have three great kids in college and graduating from high school this year. I’m changing jobs, my household is changing with all my kids off into their own life experiences and finally I am changing my body. All of the above takes a lot of strength and courage. Ten weeks ago I took the steps I need to help build my inner stregnth as well as my physical strength.. I had no idea that was part of the bargain. I am also a physician. Needless to say my life of the past 25 years has centered around taking care of others needs. Which by the way I have gladly chosen to do. As I look back at the past several months I am so grateful that I have finally included myself in that process. It was scary for me to start. On my booklet of··· Read the rest

Shelley Unsworth

before and after

I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and went through the usual routine, blood pressure, temperature, and weight.  For the first time in a very long time I was not nervous at all about getting on the scale, especially when I knew they would see my previous weight.  I can’t tell you how good it felt that the nurse had to start with the big weight on the 100 mark, not 150, not 200.  Some people may take this for granted or some may not even think about it, but when you are someone who has been trying so hard for years to lose weight this is a pretty big deal.  My weight in December of 2007 was 182, my next appointment in July of 2008 weight was at 171.  When I weighed in yesterday my weight was at 138!! (at the start of the 8 weeks··· Read the rest

El Sangalang


El Sangalang- Lost Her Baby Fat and Got Her Body Back!
Previous Weight: 135
Body Fat Lost: 14.4%
Gained 6.27 lbs. of
Lean Muscle Mass
Lost 22.9 lbs. of Fat
Android (A) % Fat:
Down From 48.5% to 25%
Gynoid (G) % Fat:
Down From 47.8% to 36%
A/G Ratio: Down From
1.02 to 0.7
I felt very emotional, depressed and down about my appearance. I wasn’t used to having this much weight on my body. I used to weigh about 115 pounds and after my baby I weighed close to 140 pounds. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes because my stomach was so big and floppy. I always had to wear stretch pants. I was so self-conscious of my body that it really started affecting my marriage. Intimacy between us was almost non-existent because of my insecurity. My husband never told me I was fat, I··· Read the rest

Karen Grochowski


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Michael Koss


“BJ… Are you sitting down??? The doctor was very surprised with my blood pressure…the first time he took it, it seemed really odd…so later he took it three more times and still could not believe the reading…he thought that the cuff was messed up or something..98/54…then 98/66…101/68…101/69…UNREAL!!! I almost started to dance (frightening thought). Three years ago my blood pressure was180/95…I was put on a mild diuretic until this past September, just before you started reconstructing me. I have NEVER had blood pressure this low since puberty…in fact in high school and college my doctor was always panicking that I might have diabetes because my blood pressure was always so high for my age…THANK THE LORD…YOU have done an AWESOME JOB with this reconstruction…see you in the am… stoked more than ever…thanks a million!!!”
- Michael Koss