Gail Ruggles


A Walking, Talking Inspiration for People with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis!
“I don’t ever remember really being in shape and as the years went by I gained a
lot of weight. I have some health conditions (Fibromyalgia and Arthritis) and
have experienced a personal tragedy within the last three years which caused me
a lot of stress and depression and the weight just starting piling on.
With Get Sexy Boot Camps, in six months I have lost 40 lbs and have dropped from a size 20 to a size 8/10 pants. I have had to replace my entire wardrobe, and this is a good thing! I am actually looking forward to getting a new bathing suit (I haven’t worn one in about 5 years. My blood pressure is going down and I have so much more energy. It’s hard to believe that I looked and felt so different just six months ago. Even my··· Read the rest

Carol MacFarlane

Carol McFarlane-
Lost 47 lbs to Get Ready for Vegas Baby!

“Mother’s Day 2007…I was sitting at my model center in tears talking to my mom on the phone. Praying that 1 person would walk in the door interested in buying a home or just stopping in to say hi like many people did. No one came in all day. I cried too many times that day and with that I started looking at my life. Why I am not with my family? Is life all about money? I changed that day. I did soul searching and asked for guidance. That guidance came the morning I watched the Morning Blend and found another piece of my life’s puzzle. BJ and Naomi! If I hadn’t quit my job, I would not have been watching the show that morning. I was very overweight and knew I had to do something but what, when,··· Read the rest

Tom Ribbens

Dropped 34 lbs and 2 Clothing Sizes in 4 Months
As I grew up, I never really cared about what I ate, or if I exercised.  I was always tired, and had little motivation to do anything. I was a fat kid.  As I grew into an adult, not much changed.  I tried to diet, tried to lose weight, but whatever weight I lost, I would quickly gain back.  At one point I weighed almost 270lbs!  I have always had a larger, big boned frame, so I always thought I could never look fit, or be a skinny guy.  I would continue to do my simple workouts but that just was not cutting it anymore and I was unhappy with the way I looked.  I wanted to be able to mow my lawn without my shirt on and not be ashamed of my rolls.  I wanted to feel comfortable at··· Read the rest

Sara V.

Lost 8 lbs and Dropped 2 Clothing Sizes in 8 Weeks!
Over the past seven weeks i have noticed that I have gained a lot of strength. In terms of the workouts, the push-ups come easier, the squats and lunges are more powerful, and my posture has greatly improved. I really noticed the improved posture as I was reviewing my before and after pictures.
My confidence and energy have greatly increased. I receive a lot of compliments these days and  I no longer want to wear clothes that don’t show off my hard work!   I have motivated others to commit to a healthier lifestyle or so I have been told.
In terms of winning the contest, it’s difficult for me to say why I should win because there a number of people I have noticed that worked just as hard as myself if not harder. In terms of the way··· Read the rest

Amy Gussick

For me I have never really been an emotional eater per se, however when I am stressed it is a whole ‘nother story. I started gaining weight during nursing school. I felt like I never had time (I really didn’t make time) to work out. I always felt like if I had extra time that I should be using it to study. I also didn’t take the time to make healthy meals; I was always grabbing something on the go. Late night study sessions lead also to extra calorie intake. I would’ve thought when I graduated and started work that I would have more time for myself and would be able to eat better and work out more but with a new job comes new stresses. I work in the ICU as an RN and have discovered that this job requires almost as much studying as nursing school, the difference··· Read the rest

Mike Hoffman

Being very tall, I gain fat on my face and my midsection.  Following the Get Sexy Boot Camp program has helped me slim that pesky fat down immensely.  I have lost nearly 5 inches around my waist and lost at least one and a half of my chins in the first seven weeks that I have participated in the program.  The biggest obstacles for me were in regards to time and food intake.  As far as time goes, I have a pretty hectic job that forces me to work a quite a bit.  For the first several weeks of boot camp I was only able to attend the morning classes which was also a challenge because before this I didn’t know there were two 6 O’Clock’s in a day!  Because I wanted to kick my fat loss into high gear I was forced to rearrange my work schedule to allow··· Read the rest

Vicky Kelly

“Thanks to Get Sexy Boot Camps, I have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I feel great! I have tons more energy, which is critical for my busy lifestyle (I work full-time, live 45 minutes away,
have a 7-year old daughter who is a competitive figure skater, and a 5 year old
son who is on an Illinois Travel Hockey Team). The nutrition is great. I am
implementing the nutritional guidelines I have learned to my own family. I just
learned today about the Protein + Carb drink that your body needs for workouts.
I cannot wait to inform my husband and son who both play hockey. They really
need the extra help. Also, the exercising has been great for me. It is tough but
the results are great. I enjoy showing my daughter the exercises with the bands
to help with flexibility. She is trying to increase her flexibility to do the
splits. She will be amazed when··· Read the rest

Karen Merkel

“Hey BJ and Naomi,
“Again I just want to thank you for your program, being in school and work makes life so easy for me to sit down and eat unhealthy because of time constrictions but I have lost 20+ scale pounds and 5 sizes since join the Get Sexy Boot Camps!!! As much as I hate the workouts because they\’re hard and make me actually move and sweat at the time, I am thankful for how much you have pushed me to keep going (I can actually do a push up . Thanks for everything!”
“Boot camp has been such a great experience for me thus far. I was faced with a challenge that I wasn’t quite sure I would meet and I met it! I stuck with the nutrition program which has set me with a lifestyle change that has made me feel good about myself. I entered··· Read the rest

Jennifer DeLaCruz

Lost 20 lbs and Dropped 3 Clothing Sizes in 8 Weeks!
Well I lost 3 pants sizes. Started out wearing at size 22 pair of jeans and now a size 16. I have lost a total of 20lbs.  The scale fluctuates sometimes I’m down 22lbs then back up two. I feel great and I put 110% effort in this bootcamp. I can’t wait to see what I look like in a few more months.
Jennifer DeLaCruz  – DLC

Peter Kubacki

“B.J., you and Naomi have brought back happiness to me. I feel a lot better about the way I look. I feel more confident about myself and I owe that to your program. It has been about 5
years since I stopped playing soccer, so I have really missed the training.
Thank you for bringing the passion back to workouts.”
- Peter Kubacki