Gail Ruggles

A Walking, Talking Inspiration for People with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis! “I don’t ever remember really being in shape and as the years went by I gained a
lot of weight. I have some health conditions (Fibromyalgia and Arthritis) and
have experienced a personal tragedy within the last three years which caused me
a lot of stress and depression

Carol MacFarlane

Carol McFarlane-
Lost 47 lbs to Get Ready for Vegas Baby! 
“Mother’s Day 2007…I was sitting at my model center in tears talking to my mom on the phone. Praying that 1 person would walk in the door interested in buying a home or just stopping in to say hi like many people did. No one

Tom Ribbens

Dropped 34 lbs and 2 Clothing Sizes in 4 Months As I grew up, I never really cared about what I ate, or if I exercised.  I was always tired, and had little motivation to do anything. I was a fat kid.  As I grew into an adult, not much changed.  I tried to diet,

Sara V.

Lost 8 lbs and Dropped 2 Clothing Sizes in 8 Weeks! Over the past seven weeks i have noticed that I have gained a lot of strength. In terms of the workouts, the push-ups come easier, the squats and lunges are more powerful, and my posture has greatly improved. I really noticed the improved posture

Amy Gussick

For me I have never really been an emotional eater per se, however when I am stressed it is a whole ‘nother story. I started gaining weight during nursing school. I felt like I never had time (I really didn’t make time) to work out. I always felt like if I had extra time that

Mike Hoffman

Being very tall, I gain fat on my face and my midsection.  Following the Get Sexy Boot Camp program has helped me slim that pesky fat down immensely.  I have lost nearly 5 inches around my waist and lost at least one and a half of my chins in the first seven weeks that I

Vicky Kelly

“Thanks to Get Sexy Boot Camps, I have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I feel great! I have tons more energy, which is critical for my busy lifestyle (I work full-time, live 45 minutes away,
have a 7-year old daughter who is a competitive figure skater, and a 5 year old
son who is on an

Karen Merkel

“Hey BJ and Naomi, “Again I just want to thank you for your program, being in school and work makes life so easy for me to sit down and eat unhealthy because of time constrictions but I have lost 20+ scale pounds and 5 sizes since join the Get Sexy Boot Camps!!! As much as

Jennifer DeLaCruz

Lost 20 lbs and Dropped 3 Clothing Sizes in 8 Weeks! Well I lost 3 pants sizes. Started out wearing at size 22 pair of jeans and now a size 16. I have lost a total of 20lbs.  The scale fluctuates sometimes I’m down 22lbs then back up two. I feel great and I put

Peter Kubacki

“B.J., you and Naomi have brought back happiness to me. I feel a lot better about the way I look. I feel more confident about myself and I owe that to your program. It has been about 5
years since I stopped playing soccer, so I have really missed the training.
Thank you for bringing the passion