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Mission: Metabolism Bootcamp features 30-minute express metabolic workouts for busy people.

A Metabolic Workout features a total body workout that employs high-intensity work periods with short rest periods in an alternating set or circuit format that combines the muscle-building benefits of resistance training with the fat-burning benefits of interval training. The result is a killer bootcamp-style workout that will:

– Supercharge metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout

– Tone and tighten your entire body

– Blast stubborn fat in your abs, hips, thighs, and lower back

– Dramatically improve strength, energy levels, and performance

– Get you into the best shape of your life with only three 30-minute express workouts per week

You won’t see us jogging around or running long distances for over an hour like other run-of-the-mill outdoor bootcamps

Why? Because long, slow, boring cardio has been scientifically proven to have ZERO effect on weight loss over dieting alone. Not to mention the fact that distance running for out of shape, overweight, and/or new trainees can be catastrophic for the joints. You need to get fit to run, NOT run to get fit!

At the end of the day it’s not about how LONG you train- it’s all about the INTENSITY of your training because INTENSITY is the only thing that makes your body change. That is why our high-intensity workouts only take a half hour to complete, including a proper dynamic warm-up that focuses on mobility and activation.

We’re NOT like the otherĀ  group exercise programs out there that solely focus on beating you down and making you tired without any method behind the madness

It doesn’t take a fitness expert to make you want to vomit or to feel like you can barely breathe. In fact, we would argue that you can find any 5 or 6 year old kid who could design a workout that could accomplish just that. It would go something like this:

Run over there, do 10 push-ups, jump over to the bushes, do 10 squats and then jump on and off that bench 10 more times… repeat for an hour…

Sound familiar??

Where most fitness bootcamps solely focus on quick weight loss with random, unstructured workouts, our program takes a more comprehensive approach to overall fitness by focusing on tissue quality, flexibility, mobility/activation, nutrition, injury prevention, exercise progression, strength, power, endurance, and energy system development.

Now- let us be clear: our workouts are tough and they are not for the weak of heart or mind. However, there are no cookie cutter workouts here. Each and every camper is taught the appropriate exercises that best match their current fitness level so that they can be challenged, but not overwhelmed:

Level I- Beginner

Level II- Intermediate

Level III- Advanced

Plus, you can only train at high-intensities for so long before nagging aches and pains will arise that will affect training. That’s why our program employs a 3 weeks on, 1 week off schedule to focus on longevity. The week off serves as a much needed mental and physical break from training to prevent burnout and unwanted injury.

We also change-up the workouts each month to keep things fun, exciting, and fresh and to prevent any dreaded weight loss or performance plateaus. By switching to a different interval protocol and a whole new slew of exercises, your body is given all of the stimulus it needs to keep changing like clockwork.

In addition, one of the hallmarks of our program is the concept of regeneration via corrective self-massage, stretching, and mobility/activation drills to bolster injury prevention and dramatically accelerate your recovery from our workouts. Almost all chronic/overuse joint injuries are caused by tightness and restrictions in the muscles above and below the joint in question and we will teach you how to proactively address this so it never impedes your training.

We believe that fitness is just as much about FEELING good as it is about LOOKING good. Plus, your results will suffer if you need to nurse an injury over an extended period of time that could have been prevented. Lastly, if you are unable to perform all exercises through a pain-free, full range of motion, then you are hindering the metabolism-boosting benefits of the workout itself and you will never reach your ultimate goal of being lean and mean!

Get ready to change your body… and your life. Contact us now for your discounted one month trial!

Crank it!