Grocery Shopping and The Sunday Ritual

The key difference maker in whether or not someone likes how they look in the nude is nutrition.

More specifically, to really nail the nutritional component, it takes proper meal planning and preparation each and every week… NO EXCEPTIONS!

Look, I know you’re busy… we all are!

So I thought I’d share our weekly grocery list and Sunday ritual to help you jump-start your success for this upcoming week.

But before I do, let me first make a quick confession…


For years we have wasted tons of money on eating out because we were too lazy to plan and prepare most of our meals for the week.

We still eat in a compliant manner at restaurants via the protein, produce, and water protocol, but the mark-up on food at restaurants is insane and it really adds up over the course of a week, month, year, etc.

To be fully transparent, there have been months where we have spent several thousand dollars on food and entertainment.

What a waste considering that you really end up pooping out the money you spend on the food anyways… man, when I put it like that it really makes me want to slap myself for not coming to my senses sooner… sound familiar?

There's wasted money in that stool...

So, Naomi and I came to our senses and made the collective decision to only allot $200 per week for food.

We also decided to only use the set amount of cash that we allocated to this grocery budget because of the pitfalls of plastic cards.

Now, please note that we both don’t spend any money on alcohol which is expensive and I bet some people spend several hundred dollars on booze on a bi-weekly basis. After all, this is brew city 😉

Plus, we have a slush find that consists of cash we save up that is used with discretion for the occasional meal and/or movie out with friends, but in general we’re not spending any money eating at restaurants anymore.

So, though your eye balls may have initially popped out of your head when you read that we spend $200 on groceries per week, it’s important to note that we literally are spending no other money on food or entertainment each week with the exception of the occasional treat sponsored by the monthly slush fund of about $50-100.

In addition, we’re fitness professionals so of course eating well is a huge priority for us and we need to walk the walk if we expect our valued members to heed our advice.

That means we only buy grass-fed ground beef (no corn fed beef), free range chicken, and we go organic for all of the dirty dozen veggies that are loaded with pesticides.

Yes- this is a much more expensive way to live then eating the Ramen noodles diet, but the energy it provides us, the high performance it allows for us, and the health benefits it lends us, each and every week makes the cost seem nothing more than a sound investment.

So, without further adieu, below is our new weekly nutrition system that we are sticking to like flies on trash because it flat our works for living lean, both physically and financially.

I hope this helps you as much as it helps us. Please feel free to post a comment to this blog if you can relate to anything that I shared in this post 😉

Step#1-Commit to Consuming Protein, Produce, and Water Immediately Upon Waking and Then Every 2-4 Hours

Step#2- Build Your Custom Grocery List Based on Your Budget

As I mentioned earlier, we have allotted $200 per week for healthy, nutritious food and we are only buying enough food for the week so that we literally run out by Sunday morning. Simply tweak things accordingly for you and your budget.

Also, don’t forget that I’m a bigger guy so I need a little more food than the average guy and I’d be lying if I said my wife didn’t have a healthy appetite 😉

Naomi and BJ’s Grocery List

$200/week max budget

Protein/Fats- approximately $125

– 4 lbs grass-fed beef
– 4 packs of free-range chicken thighs, wings, legs
– 5 cartons 18-pack large omega-3 eggs (Sam’s Club)
– 6 large cartons of Fage full-fat greek yogurt
– 1 block of full-fat cheese
– Canned Wild Salmon (farmed version is only ok at Whole Food’s)

Produce’s- approximately $50

– ONE 5-lb bag of broccoli (Sam’s Club)
– ONE 5-lb bag of green beans (Sam’s Club)
– 4 bags of frozen organic mixed berries
– 4 bags of frozen organic cherries
– 2 containers of organic fresh spinach (Sam’s Club)
– 3 organic bell peppers
– 1 pack of avocados (Sam’s Club)
– tomatoes (Sam’s Club)
– Whatever combo of the following lower carb fruits that fits in the budget: Apricots, Grapefruit, Guava, Kiwi, Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Tangerines

OTHER- approximately $25

– 4 cartons of unsweetened almond milk: 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate
– Organic half and half
– 1 bag of Udi’s natural granola
– 1 bottle of extra virgin coconut oil

We get some things at Sam’s Club to mitigate cost but buy all most of our organic options and meat at Whole Food’s because it’s the right thing to do.

We literally buy the same grocery list week in and week out because we know have a predictable, replicable system that allows us to stay under budget each and every week and eat PPW every 2-4 hours for 7 straight days without needing to shop again until the following Sunday.

Step#3- Plan and Prepare as Much as Possible on Sunday

Buying the right groceries is great, but if you don’t use the weekend to prepare a bunch of done-for-you meals and snacks then you’re just going to go through the motions and end up taking the easy way out by stopping for fast food.

However, if you have the good stuff ready and waiting, then you’re money.

I like to keep it stupid simple with cooking, so here’s my Sunday ritual:

Spanish Chili (Beanless)- This is my favorite way to make a buttload of meals for the week:

– 4 lbs of grass-fed ground beef: brown and drain a little fat out if you feel like it

Grass-Fed Beef has the same Omega-3 Profile as Salmon. Be sure to avoid corn-fed beef at all costs!!

– 1 onion, 4 tomatoes, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 green pepper, 1 cup of spanish olives, 4 TBSP extra virgin olive oil, and onion powder, chili powder, sea salt, cayenne pepper, and crush red pepper to taste: cut all veggies and mix in with EVO and spices

– Once the beef is browned, put it in large pot with the veggie, oil, and seasoning mix. Then add 1 can of hunt’s natural tomato paste with 1 cup of water. Cook at medium heat until it starts to bubble and then let it simmer on low and marinate.

– This alone can be lunch and dinner for a week. I usually throw 8-12 oz onto a big bed of organic spinach and call it a meal. Women can rock with half that size. The great thing about this is that it’s a complete nutritional powerhouse with tons of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and veggies.

Hard boil 36 Omega-3 Eggs- Perfect for quick on the go protein. Our 2 boxers, Mustafa and Kaila, end up getting a good number of these as well 😉

Research shows no correlation between cholesterol and heart issues and daily egg consumption. That means if you are healthy, egg away 😉

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like for me right now, remember I’m 6’2, 215-220, so adjust accordingly:

Breakfast: 1 cup of full-fat greek yogurt, 1 cup frozen organic mixed berries or cherries, small spoon of Udi’s Natural Granola for crunch, 2 TBSP. flax meal, 1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon to taste, small handful of walnuts or almonds mixed in

Mid-Morning Snack- 3 omega-3 eggs, 1 piece of low carb fruit from above shopping list

Lunch- 6 scrambled omega-3 eggs, spinach, and salsa, cooked in 1 TBSP. of extra virgin coconut oil OR canned wild salmon (from whole foods) with salad and 1 TBSP. EVOO

Mid-Afternoon Snack- Handful of almonds or walnuts, small piece of full-fat cheese, 1 piece of low carb fruit from above shopping list

Dinner- Spanish Beef on a Bed of Organic Spinach OR Free-Range Chicken Wings, Legs, or Thighs (cheaper than breasts and some skin is okay as it makes for a more satisfying and filling meal) with lots of greens like green beans, broccoli, etc.

Before Bed- 3 omega-3 eggs (some pre-bed protein will help curb hunger, accelerate muscle growth and recovery, and prevent muscle breakdown while sleeping, and thus fasting, for 6-8 hours)

Sometimes I flip around breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you get the jist of this.

The snacks are real easy for me because I work out of my home office, but if I was to be on the run, I would simply throw them in a cooler and take it with me.

The spanish beef is a great fallback option if we don’t want to bake chicken one night or if I don’t feel like making eggs for lunch.

I also have 3 cups of coffee per day and I use unsweetened almond milk to add flavor and usually put some cinnamon in too.

I might add that unsweetened almond milk has no sugar and is a great substitute for skim milk without the lactose and extra sugar.

I love this stuff! Works great in coffee and tea and as a stand alone drink too. Lots of calcium and vitamin D

I also try to get 1-3 cups of tea in per day as well and plug the water as much as possible.

I’ve been eating more fruit recently to see if it affects my body fat %. So far so good. What I’m finding is less desire to eat sweets on the weekends and thus I’m really don’t deviate from PPW that much. In general, fruit will not make you gain weight but it will slow weight loss for some.

My goal right now is to maintain my current level of leanness. If I wanted to get shredded, I would first start by carb cycling by alternating between days with fruits and veggies and days with veggies only and then moving to veggies only at all times to take it to the next level.

Step#4- Wash, Rinse, and Repeat…

Well, there you have it. Our new food system.

It has saved us a TON of money and time and that’s something we could all use a bit more 😉

Hope this helps!

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  1. WOW this is perfect! I have been Begging my Husband ,(Dan) to try to eat healthier with me for a very long time. And he tries But we always back slide together because we never had the blue print. So Thanks so much for posting this I am going to take him shopping with me this weekend! He is a meat ,Potatoes and chips ;( kinda Guy so i know all the meat will get him excited! LOL We have four children so this will be interesting to see how they react to all the new meals! I can’t wait! Thank you so much:) Caroline Plankers

  2. Thanks a million for sharing your real-world tactics BJ and Naomi. Every time I get cranky about staying on track and following a plan, you guys toss us some support in a realistic and practical way that I understand and can dive right into! You guys are awesome! Thanks again, Kathe.

  3. Thanks to Naomi and BJ for their fun educational e-mail(s) and informative messages. LOVE IT! Truly the best fitness program I have joined. When I think I can’t do it, another great message comes through with more great ideas! Thanks so much! You really keep me going, time after time!

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