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I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and went through the usual routine, blood pressure, temperature, and weight.  For the first time in a very long time I was not nervous at all about getting on the scale, especially when I knew they would see my previous weight.  I can’t tell you how good it felt that the nurse had to start with the big weight on the 100 mark, not 150, not 200.  Some people may take this for granted or some may not even think about it, but when you are someone who has been trying so hard for years to lose weight this is a pretty big deal.  My weight in December of 2007 was 182, my next appointment in July of 2008 weight was at 171.  When I weighed in yesterday my weight was at 138!! (at the start of the 8 weeks I weighed 150, size 12, now size 8)   My doctor was thrilled about the weight loss and could not believe how much my blood pressure was down (it was perfect actually)!!  We also went through a list of medications that I was supposedly taking and there were 11 medications on that list, including blood pressure meds, and several different kinds of asthma meds.  We were able to take all but 2 of them off the list!!  The nurse said I am a perfect example of what a person can do all by there self to improve their health.  I felt so good!!
I really think that everyone who is participating in this Boot Camp is a winner.  I see women and men in every class I go to that I think, wow!  They should be so proud of themselves!!  And when I see or hear someone say that they are trying to keep up with me, or using me as a guide it makes me proud that I can do that for them.  I work as hard as I can in every class for myself but also just in case someone is watching me to get the most they can get out of the class.  I feel that if I slacked or didn’t do my best I would not get what I wanted to out of the session but also I would not be pushing or motivating anyone else.  We all know that we need to be pushed on some days.  I am proud of what I have accomplished these last 7 weeks, I feel great, and I am so thankful to BJ and Naomi and everyone in all the classes for giving me the push I need.  This is truly a life-changing event for me, for my family, and for everyone around me.  I smile more, I play with my kids more, my hockey game has improved, I have more energy to do everything I need to do on a daily basis, not to mention how SEXY I feel.  I am not done after these 8 weeks are up, you don’t just stop.  Living a healthier life is something you need to work at every day.
I have a lot of other stories like the one above that I can share.  Thanks BJ and Naomi!!  I should win because I am a rock star!!
Shelley Unsworth

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  1. Shelley Unsworth says:

    May look better on the outside, but still a weasel on the inside

  2. Low carb = low cal. That’s why it works. Plain and simple. When you rmveoe one whole macronutrient from your plate, you reduce your calories by approx 1/3rd. Was nothing to do with food type. You can lose weight eating pasta, or rice, or yams. So long as you run a calorie deficit. I eat lean protein, carbs, fat. I just eat less and I exercise more. I lost 30 lbs in 4 months and kept it off 2 yrs now. Eat from smaller plates. Ur eyes see a full plate, but ur eating less. Go walking too

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