Mary Melser

Mary Melser- “I don’t look like the Michelin Tire Man ANYMORE!”

“I started Get Sexy Boot Camps with very modest goals because I honestly thought I could not lose weight/fat. Having the double whammy of age and hypothyroidism going against me, and failed weight loss attempts in the past, I had very low expectations despite the assurances of success. I am happy to say that I have been able to lose over 40 scale lbs in the 17 weeks since the program began. The biggest payoff has come with my latest doctor visit/blood work results. Despite taking medication, my cholesterol control has only been so-so, LDL always too high, HDL too low and triglycerides way too high. Last week’s envelope contained my best results ever – what was too high or too low is now within normal limits and my triglycerides have dropped by an amazing 212 mg/dL to right in the range of where they should be. That is all a result of better nutrition and exercise. It’s nice to look in the mirror and see a pleasant reflection – but better health is priceless, so I will always be grateful to Get Sexy Boot Camps for all of the help and for not letting me fail. I plan on sticking with the program and I WILL NOT miss my former “poppin’ fresh” midsection! Thanks so much!”
– Mary Melser

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