Gary Talley

Gary Talley- 49 Years Old… With A Body A 20-Year Old Would DIE For!

I just wanted to thank BJ and Topher for creating Workout Muse. In early May I
entered into a 12-week body transformation contest and in those 12 weeks my
waist went from 32.5 inches to almost 30 inches and my chest blew up from 42
inches to 45 inches!
I used the short, intense WM interval workouts and the soundtracks really helped me stay focused because I just pushed play on my mp3 player and let WM keep the time for me and the upbeat music is great. All I had to do was focus on my workout without the annoying distraction of being prisoner to my stopwatch!
At 49 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life. With WM I’ve cut my
workout time in half while doubling my results! All my workouts were 30 minutes
or less, and I never set foot in a gym. Workout Muse is awesome. You’ve got a
customer for life!”
– Gary Dean Talley

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