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I am 55 years old, have three great kids in college and graduating from high school this year. I’m changing jobs, my household is changing with all my kids off into their own life experiences and finally I am changing my body. All of the above takes a lot of strength and courage. Ten weeks ago I took the steps I need to help build my inner stregnth as well as my physical strength.. I had no idea that was part of the bargain. I am also a physician. Needless to say my life of the past 25 years has centered around taking care of others needs. Which by the way I have gladly chosen to do. As I look back at the past several months I am so grateful that I have finally included myself in that process. It was scary for me to start. On my booklet of information from “get sexy boot camps” I have a dragon. Dragons in my family have always been a sign of strength and support.
When my children were little and facing difficult situations we had a dragon
stamp which we all (Peter and I as well) placed on our underwear. The day I
started boot camp I pulled out the dragon stamp again. As I watched BJ and Naomi do exercises we were supposed to do I would shake my head…and dutifully try as hard as I could. Because of the wonderful support of both BJ and Naomi I did not quit. Actually quitting was not an option. For my life, for my health I needed to lose weight and begin eating in a way that supported my body. In the beginning I could hardly move the day after our sessions. Plus the Workout muse is intriguing – I find that the sound effects and music help push me to work a little bit harder especially knowing that when it ends I have effectively challenged my body. I have gone down 2 dress sizes, 3 pant sizes, AND 17 scale lbs since joining this program. And I still accomplished all of this while taking medication that actually CAUSES weight gain. It’s truly refreshing as a physician to FINALLY see a fat loss program with bulletproof science behind it! And the best part is that I am so much more comfortable in my body… it’s a sexier me! My weight has been slower in terms of loss but I am on target to lose 25 lbs by August first. Trust me. I have not lost 2 lbs by myself in the past 20 years. I think about wellness and healthiness all the time. I would encourage any woman or man to consider this program as the ultimate experience of health. The eating plan is one for life. This is not a diet. It is not an exercise class. This  is a program that if you are willing (AND READY) can change your life (And if  you are not ready come and check it out anyway– part of being

ready is having  the right information to consider options in your life). 
We are all good people trying to do the right thing. I am so grateful to both BJ and Naomi who have the unbelievable faith in us that we will do just that– the right thing!”
– Dr. Kayt Havens, 55 years old

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