Dean Rutkiewicz

Dean Rutkiewicz- Amateur Cyclist
“I got rid of my MAN-BOOBS!”

“I am truly amazed at the results thus far and have lost 37 pounds in going from
230 to 193 in a short span of four months. This is the first time in over 20
years that the first number on the scale is a 1. I would highly recommend Get
Sexy Boot Camps to anyone who is serious about making a life-changing health and fitness transformation. I have more energy today than I had when I was in my
twenties. I now know how to get lean and stay lean…FOR LIFE!!! I have never
been more pumped to get on the bike in my life and I cannot wait to see what it
feels like to ride hills without the extra 37 pounds I carried last year. My
words simply do not do justice to what this experience has done for me. I
honestly could not have done it without Get Sexy Boot Camps!”

- Dean Rutkiewicz

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