Carol MacFarlane

Carol McFarlane-
Lost 47 lbs to Get Ready for Vegas Baby!

“Mother’s Day 2007…I was sitting at my model center in tears talking to my mom on the phone. Praying that 1 person would walk in the door interested in buying a home or just stopping in to say hi like many people did. No one came in all day. I cried too many times that day and with that I started looking at my life. Why I am not with my family? Is life all about money? I changed that day. I did soul searching and asked for guidance. That guidance came the morning I watched the Morning Blend and found another piece of my life’s puzzle. BJ and Naomi! If I hadn’t quit my job, I would not have been watching the show that morning. I was very overweight and knew I had to do something but what, when, how do I get started, who do you trust to teach you. They were and are my answer! I ran to my computer and with tears in my eyes, gave all my measurements, weight, pictures etc. I believed that day that I would change!

The workouts set to music keep you motivated and the workout muse on our days off to train to, make me feel like they are still with me pushing me to complete it. Workout Muse is also amazing for my cardio workout on non-boot camp days! I hit play, hit the pavement or treadmill and it’s amazing the zone I get into while listening to the music. I find my body automatically revs up when the 30 sec “crank it” starts and then settles down for the 90 sec recooperation because of the tempos that are installed to guide you. So far, I’ve gone from a tight 18W to a fantastic 14 and lost 47 scale lbs! Can’t wait to go to VEGAS BABY!” 

The Eternal Eating nutrition system is easy to follow and easy to prepare. I need to be told what and how much to eat so I honestly do love this. I believe everyone needs to try Get Sexy Boot Camps no matter what shape you are in. Just start!!! I am proud, honored, humbled and grateful to BJ and Naomi for allowing myself to be a part of a life-changing event. Please…sign up, put yourself first, take that first step and let me tell you…you are not going to want to stop!”

Forever indebted,

Carol MacFarlane

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